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May 7, 2020

Before Sway Brows, Tanny Diep was a Fashion Sales & Marketing Manager with a background in Design & Illustration. In an ever evolving industry, fashion demanded long hours in a fast-paced and deadline sensitive environment. Her passion for creative artistry and the desire for more flexible hours motivated her to seek out a new venture. Tanny has always been personally interested in Beauty and Cosmetology but an obsession for creating perfect eyebrows attracted her to the art of semi-permanent makeup, particularly Microblading. She’s a certified Beauty Angel Master Trainer by the world reknowned Beauty Angels Academy, which specializes in symmetry and measuring brows by the golden ratio. This technique custom designs the eyebrow shape to accommodate the natural proportion of your facial features.

They are best known for their natural 3D like hair strokes that are hand drawn with precision. With over 15+ years of Sales & Marketing along with 10+ years of Design experience, Tanny has mastered her skills in artistic composition and meticulous attention to detail, while building and maintaining client relationships.

Sway Brows officially launched in November of 2018 and is already experiencing rapid growth with over 80K followers on instagram and 100% satisfaction from clients.

Tanny has performed over 1000+ procedures and is a Microblade & Shade Master Trainer for Beauty Angels Academy under the direction of the World’s Best Master award winner, Kler Rosenberg.  Sway Brows Academy & Studio is located in Artesia, CA.





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