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Dec 5, 2018

Sara Quiriconi is such a true Light Warrior! I had the pleasure of getting to know her more because she was one of my speakers of my Women in Wellness event. She always keeps it so real, raw and relatable.

A 15-year cancer survivor, Sara Quiriconi fell in love with yoga, well-being and travel for its self-healing properties. An honors graduate with a BFA in Design and Marketing in Boston, she is not your typical yogi or health coach. Sara holds a passport full of stamps and a professional degree in design that inspires her to create exquisite original fitness videos, blog posts, product reviews, eye-catching photography and TV content traveling with her partner for production jobs. Sara is a certified Yoga Instructor and Health Coach, determined to share the message of Living Free through our own empowered choices and actions, and having FUN, based on the principles in her manifesto created from life experiences, education and passion for fitness, wellness and traveling.

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