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Dec 23, 2018

About 80% of people break their resolutions by February and go back to the same cycle they’ve been in for years.

That’s because many people have the desire to change and better their lives but they don’t do anything to shift their mindset. 

Our subconscious beliefs are what needs to change first in order for anyone to see lasting transformation and consistent alignment with their Highest Self. 

You cannot manifest the life and business that you desire if you don’t reprogram your subconscious beliefs first. 

I knew that living in Thriver Consciousness is a LIFESTYLE. It is not a “diet” or overnight fix. It is a continuous practice of BEING

It is actively learning, growing and being around a tribe of other people who also have that same mindset. 

I'm excited to share this podcast episode of my 7 Step Guide to End the Year Aligned and Manifest the New Year with Intention

This episode is PACKED with so much VALUE! I created a Guide and Worksheet to go with this podcast episode. 

This is a practice I have been applying into my own life for years and I’ve achieved MASSIVE SHIFTS and RESULTS! 

Just this past year, I launched a new business and podcast, spoke on stages with over 200 people, worked with brands such as Capital One, WeWork and Equinox, got featured on Thrive Global, Bustle and 30+ over publications/podcasts and met the love of my life Matt. =) 

If you follow these steps and stick to it, you will manifest an INCREDIBLE 2019 + have a road map to stay on track with your intentions for the year. 

There is a lot of info that I cover in this podcast episode so I also created a worksheet that goes with it that outlines all the steps, examples, affirmations, everything! 

This digital product is worth $197 but I am giving this GIFT it to you for FREE! 

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