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Mar 26, 2019

Most people think that you can’t actually change ingrained patterns like disconnection from something greater, anxiety, fear, lack of confidence, maxed out stress, lack of fulfillment, low energy, pain, patterns of self-defeat, under-earning, underperforming and more. Most people think that “forgiveness” is the best they can do. Most people, in one way or another, think they have to “make” themselves feel more aligned, connected, and loving. Wendy thought so too, until she re-discovered Eidetics.

Wendy had a full waiting list only private practice in psychotherapy in Houston, Texas. She closed her practice completely because she no longer believed in any of the traditional and non-traditional therapies she was certified in. They simply weren’t enough. She felt hungry for something more, much more.

Years later, when she was re-introduced to the father of Eidetic Imagery, Akhter Ahsen, she knew she had found the Holy Grail of transformational work and jumped back into working with people and transformation.

Since then she has introduced thousands of men and women around the world to this ancient art yet 21st century science mysteriously called Eidetics. Mysterious to us, but the ancient Greeks knew of the power of eidetic images and called them “gifts from the gods.”

Wendy received her Masters of Social Work from Smith College School for Social Work in 1981, completed a Fellowship in Family and Systems Therapy, was certified in neo-Reichian emotional release body work, and several other modalities, and gave them all up to support personal presence and deep transformation through Eidetics.

She has a direct lineage with the founder and creator of Eidetic Imagery, Dr. Akhter Ahsen, who personally mentored her for years. Dr. Ahsen’s own lineage included his father, an Indian Sufi Master.

Wendy has been named one of the International Top 3 Transformational Experts in her field. She has been a featured guest on over 30 podcasts. Wendy is also a #1 Best Selling Author (#1 Best Seller in THREE categories!) alongside 10 other inspirational women.

Wendy now works with people of heart and integrity who are ready to let go of the old change paradigm that says you have to “make yourself” remember to act certain ways, or remind yourself of how you “should” behave. Her clients want to expand their connection to themselves, their heart, and to something greater, and to do this in their very own, unique way.

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