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May 23, 2019

After directing sales and marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies and managing more than $1Billion in real estate sales, Rebecca decided to follow her heart and soul calling of becoming an entrepreneur. She’s married her extensive background in business, branding and sales strategy with her passion of empowering women to be their best, while designing a life + business they love. Her TEDx speech "The Secret to Having It All" is the topic of her book, due out this summer.

Business + Branding: Rebecca has harnessed her passion for both empowering women women and business strategy, co-founding Brand Camp, which offers retreats, workshops and online course are for female entrepreneurs on a mission to uplevel their brand and business.

Health + Wellness: Rebecca founded Elevate Your Life Project, an online wellness community made up of more than 12,000 women in ten countries and growing. A subset of EYLP, the Elevate Wellness Collective is a collaborative group of more than 20 certified health and wellness professionals.  

Rebecca has mentored numerous women to attain a six-figure or more yearly income through her social marketing business and empowered hundreds more to start their own business. She is host of the podcast "Becoming You - Design a Life + Business You Love", which hit New & Noteworthy its first week on iTunes.




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