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Aug 15, 2019

The author of Creative Watercolor (Quarry Books, 2018), Ana Victoria Calderon is a Mexican/American watercolor artist and teacher with a bachelor's degree in Information Design and continued studies in Fine Arts. Her licensed artwork can be seen in retail outlets throughout the United States and Europe, on a wide variety of products. Ana teaches in-person workshops and hosts creative retreats in Tulum, Mexico as well as Summer Watercolor retreats around Europe.

Ana also has over 60,000 students on Skillshare, where she is a Top Teacher and she also teaches thousands of Spanish speaking students on Domestika. See more of Ana's work on Instagram (@anavictoriana), YouTube (Ana Victoria Calderon), and Facebook (Ana Victoria Calderon Illustration). She lives in Mexico City, Mexico with her husband and three cats and is currently working on her second book Color Harmony for Artists.



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