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Mar 29, 2018

Do you believe in Angels? Do you believe in Spirit Guides? Do you believe in other beings that watch over you and guide you? I believe that we are INFINITELY LOVED and DIVINELY GUIDED all the time! We all have intuitive abilities, some are more tapped into their gifts that others. I communicate with my Highest Self, Ascended Masters, Angels and my Spirit Guides all the time. In this podcast episode, I share the different ways my Angels, Spirit Guides, and especially my Lola aka my maternal grandmother who passed away but watches out for me constantly. 

Here’s a link to the Angel Guidance Oracle Deck and Goddess Guidance Oracle Deck that I use often to get messages from the other realms.

Upcoming Event in Miami:

Women’s Workshop in Miami, FL on April 14-15, 2018. Survivor to Thriver: Transform Trauma and Embrace Self-Love


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