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Aug 27, 2020

Jazmin Alvarez is the founder and chief curator of Pretty Well Beauty, a black-owned clean beauty curation website launched in 2019. Alvarez, a 14 year veteran of the fashion and beauty industry, is an alum of Calvin Klein and Condé Nast. She led the production and casting for the digital launch of Fenty Beauty in 2017. Having experienced first-hand the direct relationship between the products that you put on your skin - your body’s largest - and your vital organs, Alvarez curates a diverse product offering that adheres to the strictest standards of clean and sustainability practices. Diversity is at the heart of Pretty Well Beauty’s mission which seeks to reclaim wellness and clean beauty to be accessible and approachable. Alvarez’s unique curation prioritizes a product selection that addresses a wide variety of needs, fits various price points and highlights founders from a variety of backgrounds.

IG: @Prettywellbeauty


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