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Jan 16, 2018

I am so excited to share this interview I had with my friend and soul sister, Annie Vazquez! Her daily Instagram posts are super inspiriting and we just vibe on the same frequency. We can talk on and on about manifesting, spirituality, crystals, energy and so much more!

Annie the Alchemist is a wellness brand created by Annie Vazquez founder of award winning blog, Featured on Vogue, The Today Show and several reality shows, Annie has paved the way for many in lifestyle blogging as a pioneer in Miami. After sharing her spiritual side with followers on SnapChat a year ago, with positive quotes and routines, Annie found her audience engagement growing even more. Many of her followers needed a daily positive push, some advice on how to live a happier lifestyle and others how to reach their goals and conquer their fears. Annie recommended products and witnessed dozens purchasing her recommendations and that's when she realized she needed to create something more for her followers to help them on their journey. Annie the Alchemist was born officially in 2017.

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