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Apr 13, 2018

You know how you meet certain people and they just exude light through their entire being? This was my experience with Heather. I interviewed her in person when I was back in my hometown, Los Angeles. We clicked right away! Same vibes and frequency! Heather is inspiring and dynamic on social media and even more radiant in real life! I’m excited for you to tune into our conversation and feel the good vibes!

Heather Hoffman is a multi-dimensional being with many extrasensory abilities and talents. Her infatuation with alternative forms of healing has been a theme her entire incarnation, and her dedicated journey of healing others became a full-time purpose in 2013 when she traveled South America teaching yoga, meditation, and light body work. Her focuses express in many forms, all encouraging merging of the different aspects of Self- Mind, Body, and Soul. She founded the largest healthy medicinal edible supplier of California in 2014- and has used her self developed platform to continue expanding and evolving. Lately she has been focusing on ‘Light Body Healing’ techniques, which derives from a powerful ancient energy activating one’s personal and collective ‘Ka.’ She is also a holistic nutritionist, wellness coach, cosmic channel, writer, public speaker, blogger and youtube personality. She is currently working on an online series with a production company called “Wellness” which focuses on alternative healing and was picked up by major platforms which launches in January.

Her gifts continue to translate in many ways- which she shares daily through her significant social media following; inspiring many to lead a more fulfilling and connected lifestyle.


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