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Jul 25, 2018

In this solo episode, I talk about my personal experience of loving and accepting my curly hair which is ultimately so symbolic of my over all self-love journey.

Every since I was a child, my hair was curly, frizzy and made me stand out from the rest of my classmates with silky smooth hair. I was always told I needed to tame its craziness. So I spent most of my life doing that. I would flat iron it daily and use harsh hair relaxers to “tame” it and make it look like what I thought would make me more acceptable and beautiful. Over 3 months ago, I decided to start accepting my natural hair and to let it be free. Part of my self-love practice is to accept and love the parts of me I’ve tried to change and hide for so long. In these 3 months, I’ve grown to really love my hair and how different it is from most Asian hair! I’ve also realized that it’s so symbolic of my spiritual journey of accepting myself, my uniqueness and not caring about what other people say! Now I’m totally just feeling myself and my hair.

Perhaps there is something about yourself that you need to honor, accept and love. What is it that makes you different and beautiful in your own authentic way?

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